Wednesday, December 19, 2012

         There Is nothing Changing But The Weather

How many of us have heard this phrase before? It is such a little thing to say but its meaning is clear. So many of us accept what is and whats comfortable and become complacent because we are afraid of change. Often while blogging I try to use "I" and "me" statements. I often times dip in to the giant pool of memories I have stored somewhere in my history and pull out a situation I believe pertains to my topic of conversation. In this case my situation will be almost the polar opposite description of my feelings toward change than the majority of you... my readers. My mother actually had this defense mechanism that kicked in every time she felt things weren't going right or when she wasn't happy. Her immediate response to her problems were to run. Again... I don't knock my mother. I love my mother.( She did what she thought was best. She had the best of intentions). Well, this "defense" mechanism was her legacy to me as far as coping skills are concerned. I say that to say I learned over a large period of my life to embrace change. I began to love change. Change for me equaled adventure. What I didn't realize though was that my liberal feelings toward change would begin a cycle in my life where I no longer took responsibility for my actions and I eventually grew into a man who lacked even the basic fundamentals of coping with adverse situations. Now, there are those who stand on the other side of the spectrum. Those who avoid change at all costs. To them change is an unknown land that involves people of an unknown variety and things they could never expect. They have these comfortable lives and comfortable jobs. They've known the same people all of their life. Their career has been the same too. They have a constant routine which has very little room for flexibility. My response to this extreme would be that this group of people will never truly experience life. These people will never give themselves the opportunity to meet some of the greatest people they will never know. They will never give themselves the opportunity to travel to the most beautiful places they have never seen. Life consists of experiences. Experience is what breaks us and builds us back up. Experience is the catalyst of change in our everyday life. Now.. on both sides of the spectrum you can see maybe some of the positive and some of the negative affects of the ways we choose to react to change. I think we should aim for a more balanced approach to change. Not too liberal and not to conservative  There are moments when change is necessary in our lives and we must seize these moments and take action. We have but one life to let us live......

Food For Thought: Is there anything that you fear about changing in your life? Is there anything that you feel needs to change in how you live? Are you willing to change???


  1. There was a period of time where I pushed for change myself, due to the thrill of change. Just to realize maybe I was running away, hiding under the thrill of change.

    I also wonder if I am changing fast enough to keep up with today's times.

    1. First of all thank you Lika for leaving a comment... I can see growth in your first statement. You became aware of an old behavior pattern and overcame it, that's great! Secondly.... The times are always changing, we must identify where we fit in the grand scheme of things and make the necessary changes in order for life not to drag us behind. Take a personal inventory and be honest with yourself. I'm sure that once you do that the necessary changes will reveal themselves....