Saturday, December 22, 2012

                                          I love you the  best way that I know how......

Last nigh at around 1:00am me and my wife were talking and when we finished I told her that I loved her. She replied to me that she loved me also. But it was the way that she responded to me that caught me by surprise.  I asked her why she sounded the way she did when she told me that she loved me and she said that she loves me so deeply and that she's sure that she loves me in a deeper way than I love her. My response was not a harsh one at all... I responded to her statement with understanding. I told her that I am in love with her and that I love her the best way that I know how. That statement is what brought me to the topic of this blog.

 As I reflect on my life I regret to say that I've never had the example of a real man showing a woman that he loves her. I've seen movies and read about it but never witnessed it first hand or had a discussion about it. Love is talked about in almost every religion and every culture. Love is the most fulfilling and confusing feeling in the world. There are many copycats when it comes to love.... true love. The way that I love my wife comes from a multitude of influences. A little bit from the way that I love my mother, a little bit from the the movies I mentioned earlier, and a whole lot of raw emotion. It's crazy because at the beginning of our relationship, once I knew that I was actually coming to love this beautiful, intelligent, independent  and awesome woman I actually began to subconsciously sabotage our relationship. It's like I did everything I could do to push her away. That little boy inside of me couldn't believe that there was someone who would love him so hard and unconditionally. My wife saw a potential inside of my that I could never see, not in a thousand years. I say all of that to say this.... On what scale can we measure love? Do we love from experience? Do we love from influence? Is it possible to love with an understanding or stipulations.  Well whatever the answeres are... My love will forever be a love of progress and understanding. A love of experience and influence. A love that is willing to sacrifice and display a loyalty that is unmatched. I hope you, the reader, can take all of this into consideration and leave a comment because I'm interested to here your feedback... Until next time..See ya


  1. Hi, loved your post.
    The power of modelling is huge here - and we don't always get a choice on who models love for us. I suspect many men, me included, never really had a male model in the way we needed it.
    I like your mix of love being raw emotion and learnt behaviour. We can only love the best way we can. wow!

  2. Thank you for your comment and I appreciate your support.